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Video Courses

Below you can find Courses that cover U.S. Tax Information Reporting and Withholding knolwedge. The courses consists of 5-20 minutes videos that walk through important topics such as Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and much more.

Foundation Thumb

Foundation CPE

Welcome to your first ComplyPro course, An Introduction to U.S. Tax Information Reporting and Withholding. This course will be taught by Comply’s Finance Director, Tina Marley.

Updated 08/01/2022

Compliance and Reporting Essentials​

Compliance and Reporting Essentials

This comprehensive course provides the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate compliance and reporting requirements effectively.

Updated 08/01/2022

Operational: Practical Implementation Thumbnail

Operational: Practical Implementation

This course is intended to build upon the foundation you learned in Course 1 by providing more insight into the practical everyday application of Information Reporting & Withholding.

Updated 08/01/2022

Form Revisions

2021 Form Revisions

The purpose of these videos is to discuss the changes that were made to the W-8 forms in the year 2021.

Back To Basics

Back to Basics

Here we provide short explainer videos going over the fundamental aspects of U.S. information Reporting & Withholding.

Introduction to the Form 1099-C ​

Introduction to the Form 1099-C

Throughout this four-part series, we will give you an overview of the Form 1099-C, identifiable events requiring reporting on the Form 1099-C.

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