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Phase 2 of the Information Reporting Application for TCC Transition

Phase 2 of the Information Returns (IR) Application for Transmitter Control Code (TCC) Transition

On June 16, 2022, the IRS provided an update on the transition to the new Information Returns TCC (IR-TCC) Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) for customers who received their TCC(s) prior to September 26, 2021. Beginning in September 2022, FIRE TCC holders who submitted their TCC Application prior to September 26, 2021, will need to submit and complete the IR-TCC Application. The application can be done at any time between September 2022 and August 1, 2023. Any FIRE TCC that does not have a completed IR-TCC Application by August 1, 2023, will be dropped and will not be available for e-file.

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