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Payments and Sales Made Inside or Outside of the United States


If a payment is made outside the United States with respect to an offshore obligation, a payee may give you documentary evidence, rather than a Form W-8, to establish that the payee is a foreign person. For accounts opened on or after July 1, 2014, through December 31, 2014, you may use the rules regarding the use of documentary evidence under Regulations sections 1.6049-5(c)(1) and (c)(4) as in effect prior to the issuance of the temporary regulations. A payment is made outside the United States if you complete the acts necessary to effect the payment outside the United States.

However, an amount paid by a bank or other financial institution on a deposit or account usually will be treated as paid at the branch or office where the amount is credited unless the other requirements of Regulations section 1.6049-5(e)(2) are met with respect to the branch or office, unless the amount is collected by the financial institution as an agent of the payee. See Page 11