Below you can find a comprehensive course that covers U.S. Tax Information Reporting and Withholding knowledge, presented by Comply’s Finance Director, Tina Marley. The course consists of 5-20 minute videos that walk through important topics such as Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and much more, and the lessons are also available in the form of scripts and .mp3 files to download. The objectives of Course 1 are to understand basic terms and concepts, gain an understanding of the different Withholding certificates and their purpose, identify the different organizations and tax treaties and be aware of the auditing process and how to respond. Ultimately Course 1 is designed to build confidence in your knowledge of U.S. Tax Information Reporting and Withholding.

There is also a version of Course 1 (Foundation) that has been CPE accredited, and is worth 9.5 CPE Credits. If you would like to learn more about this course, please feel free to get in touch.


The course below is for users who have not signed up for the CPE Accredited course. In this version of the Training Course, there are no quizzes for each module, and the user is not awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Introduction to the Form W-8BEN

Welcome to your walkthrough of the Form W-8BEN. Throughout this series, we will take you through the Form W-8BEN, including a line-by-line walkthrough, common errors, when the form would expire and changes in circumstance.

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Introduction to the Form 1099-C

Throughout this four-part series, we will give you an overview of the Form 1099-C, identifiable events requiring reporting on the Form 1099-C, each of the line items on the return, how and when to file, and any penalties for failure to comply with the reporting requirements.

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Welcome to your first ComplyPro course, An Introduction to U.S. Tax Information Reporting and Withholding. This course will be taught by Comply's Finance Director, Tina Marley. Last Course Review Date: 08/01/2020


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