What is ComplyPro?

Comply Pro is an interactive, dynamic subscription service that includes training (currently obtaining CPE accreditation)a comprehensive knowledge base of terms, tools and templatesIt is frequently updated to assist you in adhering to your tax information reporting and withholding requirements.  As it expands it will include many new initiatives most notably a detailed support hub on the Comply application itself (for those that subscribe to the Comply software suite) and the latest offering, ComplyLite. 

What is ComplyLite?

ComplyLite is the latest addition to the Comply software suite. Mainly targeted at the lower volume user, ComplyLite is an easy to use, simple to implement solution to obtain and manage U.S. tax documentation. Born out of the parent products of Comply Administration and Comply E-Forms (used by global financial and multinational institutions), ComplyLite uses comprehensive ruleset and reporting capabilities of the full Comply suite. Managed by the Comply back office administration team, its aim is to help subscribers obtain documentation and manage their U.S. tax Information Reporting and withholding obligations in a low-cost efficient manner.  

How does the training work?

ComplyPro has a growing number of training courses that are regularly released, each containing several modules and lessons. These courses cover a vast amount of U.S. tax information reporting and withholding related topics and comes with exclusive easy-to-watch videos. Each module includes additional resources and different ways to learn the information through voice, paper and video

Can I earn CPE credits?

Great news! We are currently in the process of going through CPE accreditation and we will be providing CPE credits for all of our lessons in the near future. 

How can I request coverage of a topic in the Knowledge Base?

Our Knowledge Base includes multiple articles around a variety of topics, including Documentation, FATCA, Withholding and many other information reporting and withholding areas. If you would like to request that we cover something specific, then please contact us at www.complypro.com. 

How much is a ComplyPro membership?

The basic cost of ComplyPRO includes access to the training coursesour Knowledge Base, Tools and TemplatesThe cost is generally determined by the number of entity records that you can include the ComplyLite module. For additional information or pricing oComplyLite, please email assistance@complypro.com  

What is the definition of an entity with respect to ComplyLite?

 An entity in Comply Terms is either a business, an organization or an individual. 

Some of my entities could provide several documents. Do you provide by document or form?

No. Our charges are based on the number of entity records that you upload into the system. If that entity should then submit a Form W-9 if a U.S. person or a Form W-8BEN and a Form W-8ECI if a nonU.S. person AND requested documentary evidence to support the submission, the charge remains based on the numbers of entity records. 

Are there any discounts available for bulk-purchasing of licenses?

We are happy to discuss needs specific to your company. Please contact us at assistance@complypro.com. 

Where can I sign up to receive the Comply Bi-Weekly Articles?

You can sign up to receive the Comply Bi-Weekly Articles by visiting www.complypro.com. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and you will see a Sign Up option for the bi-weekly articles.

Does my subscription automatically roll over?

Subscriptions are annual and can be set to roll over at each renewal period.

If I choose not to renew, having used ComplyLite, what happens to all my company’s data and the forms obtained? 

No problem. We hope you will always look to renew your ComplyLite license, but in case that’s not possible (you may look to upgrade to our full suite!all company data is downloadable in Excel or PDF format for a local copy, or seamless migration. On ComplyLite license termination, all company data is securely deleted to industry standards. 

Where is data collected by ComplyLite located? Will I have issues with the jurisdiction my company data is stored in?

Each organization should follow and understand their specific data privacy rules for the jurisdictions they operate in, but ComplyLite is a Cloud based solution hosted within the United States using the Microsoft Azure Cloud service. 

How secure is my data when uploaded to ComplyLite?

Very! We have implemented the same tried and tested standards we utilize for our financial clients including end to end encryption, encryption at rest, intrusion detection, attack management, multi-point authentication, virus and malware protection to name a fewOur systems are also regularly tested by independent 3rd parties who specialize in these areas. We are also never ones to be complacent and continually research and review market and technical solutions available. 

When was Comply Exchange established?

Comply Exchange was established in 2009 by our CEO David Marley.

Where is Comply Exchange based?

Comply Exchange is a global company headquartered in the United Kingdom with additional teams based in the U.S. and Mumbai. 

What type of clients and industries does Comply serve?

Comply operates across many sectors and industries, including Multinational Corporations, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Fund Administratorsand many more! 

What is the Comply Exchange product suite?

Comply Exchange provides automated and intuitive solutions to help financial and nonfinancial clients comply with complex and continually evolving tax regulations around document collection for U.S tax information reporting and withholding. We provide customizable solutions for both paper and electronic submissions of Forms W-8, W-9, 8233 and self-certifications, while delivering intelligent documentation validation, withholding rate calculations and extensive management reporting. Fully supporting Chapter 3, FATCA and AEoI for the global marketplace, we deliver information reporting capabilities, including withholding statements, 1042-S production, 8966 FATCA reporting as well as multi-jurisdictional CRS XML extraction. 

What does Comply Exchange offer?

Comply Exchange offers an abundance of services! Overall, Comply provides software to help ease the burden of U.S. tax information reporting and withholding requirements imposed, including the digitization and validation of Forms W-9 and W-8 (paper and electronic) and assistance with annual reporting and withholding requirementsComply also provides software and services to comply with the requirements of the Common Reporting Standards, providing solicitation of self-certificationsreporting and XML generation for many of the main countries participatingThe services and functionality include but is not limited to: a back-office administration platform, an online platform to obtain electronic withholding certificates, an online subscription for learning and training, and access to a global team with at least 50+ years of combined experience. 

Who owns Comply Exchange and how is it funded?

Comply Exchange is a privately owned and self-funded companyOur CEO, David Marley, started the company back in 2009. 

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